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We had the pleasure of being the featured product on Fox News Fox & Friends Saturday, June 26th. Our friend and DIY-expert Chip Wade goes over all the benefits of EZ Lay Carpet Plus. Do-It Yourself is a popular topic this summer with pricing increases and limited number of workers. Drop and Go Floors makes DIY projects user-friendly for families to accomplish together!

EZ Lay Carpet PLUS is the first machine washable DIY Carpet. This carpet can be installed by you in a day with limited number of tools and labor. We use a hook and loop FriXion Pad that adheres to your subfloor to keep the connection between your floor and carpet tight. When you are ready to wash or get a tough stain on your carpet, just lift your 24×40 inch square, and toss it in the wash! This carpet is also hypoallergenic, stain resistant, odor free, waterproof, soil proof which makes it a perfect option for household’s kids and pets! You can get this carpet starting at $1.69 shipped for FREE, which is more than 50% of the average cost of carpet minus labor, materials, and moving furniture cost.

This carpet is perfect for families who have pets & kids, and those who love to host people due to the stain resistant fibers. It is also perfect for those living in apartments with hard surfaces and college dorms. Our carpet can be easily transported up stairs or in the elevator & can be removed/replaced at any time without damaging the hard surfaces below.

If you are ready to say goodbye to traditional carpet and hello to worry-free DIY carpet, EZ Lay Carpet PLUS is made for you!

Thank you to Chip Wade at WADE WORKS for sponsoring our DIY Project in his segment, “6 DIY Projects You Should Tackle This Summer”. If you want to see what Chip has to say on his website, check out the link below.

As Seen on Fox & friends June 26, 2021

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