Introducing Flooring Outlet Attic

Our Story

Get to know us and see why we're your trusted flooring experts in Buford, GA.

Introducing Flooring Outlet Attic

Our Story

Atlanta Flooring Design Centers has been a respected name in the floor covering industry since 1985. We offer quality products and excellent service and pricing to the Southeast. We are a Top 10 Flooring Retailer in the United States and a premier flooring supplier for new homes throughout the Southeast. With that in mind, we decided to extract our strength straight to the DIY market. We are dedicated to our customers and can provide the flooring solutions needed for your DIY project at everyday low prices. Our team consists of highly qualified sales professionals, offering products, blueprint, and installation knowledge. Flooring Attic Outlet provides DIY products such as carpet, vinyl composition tile, ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, wood, and laminate flooring.

The Flooring Attic Outlet will provide service and savings to homeowners, contractors, builders, and remodelers. We will have a running line, closeouts, and a bargain nook that allows our customers to find the best product for their project at the best cost. If you are looking for a DIY project or have your own contractor, the Flooring Attic Outlet is your place! From our Attic to your floor, we are your savings store!

Showroom exterior view | Flooring Attic

Our Company is guided by our Mission Statement:
"To listen to our customer’s needs, then professionally provide service and material at a great value. We honor God and always treat others as we wish to be treated."

Now, we will take a trip down memory lane for the past 35 years. Founded in 1985, we are now one of the top 10 flooring retailers in the United States.

First Retail Location – 3175 Buford Hwy Duluth Ga.

In 1985, Donny Phillips started Atlanta Carpets. Atlanta Carpet started with just a lease on May 17th next to a local hot spot, the Family Restaurant. The foundation of Atlanta Carpets was built on the local folks of Duluth that Donny met at the restaurant next door. Donny started this location, servicing just homeowners with a few installers helping him out. That 1,000 square foot building did not include a warehouse or tow-motor, so Atlanta Carpets was built with hard work. We were blessed to grow due to our location in Gwinnett County & Duluth, GA.

Exterior view | Flooring Attic
Storefront | Flooring Attic
Hotel flooring | Flooring Attic

Second Retail Location – 3246 Buford Hwy Duluth Ga.

The company continued growing and in 1986, Donny Phillips decided it was time for an upgrade. He was storing his products inside his best friend's garage & it was starting to fill up quickly. He decided to move to a new location that allowed him to store his material on-site in a warehouse. Along with the new location, Atlanta Carpets purchased their first lift motor, which made it much easier for Donny to move product around! In 1986, Atlanta Carpets hired its second and third employees. Alan Franks was one of those, and he remains with us 35 years later. During our time at this location, we also started selling to commercial contractors & some custom builders.

AFS Second Location- Duluth, GA | Flooring Attic

January 26, 2001
Partnering with Southern Rug & Carpet Gallery & Frank Winter

In 2001, Donny Phillips(middle)& Frank Winter(right) met. After doing a few projects together, Donny decided it would be a good decision to become a partner wth Southern Rug & Carpet Company. As Atlanta Carpets continued to grow partnering with Frank at his business, it seemed like a great opportunity to look at each other's business.
The market in was great in Cumming, where Southern Rug & Carpet Company was located, and Frank possessed lots of knowledge that would eventually benefit Atlanta Carpets.

Donny Phillips & Frank Winter | Flooring Attic

January 30, 2001
Became Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Inc

A few years after the partnership of Atlanta Carpet and Southern Rug & Carpet Gallery, Donny and Frank decided it was time for a name change. Atlanta Flooring Design Centers was the winner! A new name and an energized approach to selling floors was born! Retail, Commercial, and Custom Builder sales all expanded in the early 2000's.

Atlanta flooring design centers | Flooring Attic

Third Retail Location

Atlanta Carpet continued growing & so did the location! A few years later, Donny decided it was time to upgrade once again. They started building a new location that would have a new showroom & more warehouse space for products. This new location also featured Atlanta Carpet's first loading dock, which made it easier to unload. The expanded showroom allowed for new product lines to be displayed. By then, we started growing beyond Gwinnett & into the metro-Atlanta

Atltanta Flooring - Third Location | Flooring Attic

Third Retail & Corporate Headquarters 3665 Swiftwater Park Drive Suwanee Ga

With continued growth, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers moved to their current location. This location firmly established home base which anchored our multiple locations. The building located in Suwanee opened the door for more geographical area to grow and call home. This location also had proper office and warehouse space
which welcomed opportunity for what lay ahead. Our new location allowed Atlanta Flooring Design Centers to create a new and updated showroom rivaling with any in the Southeast.

Atlanta flooring design centers | Flooring Attic
Karastan products | Flooring Attic
Variety of flooring products in showroom | Flooring Attic

April 3, 2009
Opened Builder Branches Charlotte, NC and Birmingham, AL.

AFS-Tennessee | Flooring Attic
AFS-Georgia | Flooring Attic

Expansion of The Flooring Outlet

Atlanta Flooring Design Centers works with some of the largest builders in the metro- Atlanta area, so there is a tendency for excess flooring, tile, and materials. Due to this, we decided to create a flooring outlet for local installers and homeowners to come buy material via "cash & carry".

Flooring Outlet | Flooring Attic

November 2015
Purchase of Chattanooga Flooring Center

In 2015, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers bought Chattanooga Flooring Center, just 28 miles from the "Flooring Capital of the World".
Chattanooga Flooring Center is one of the top flooring retailers in the Chattanooga area.

Chattanooga Flooring Center | Flooring Attic

October 2018
Addition of 3660 Swiftwater Park Dr

Our builder division kept growing & so did we!
In 2018, we added a new building and warehouse for our builder division.

Atlanta-Flooring-Design | Flooring Attic

April 2021
Addition of Flooring Attic Outlet in Buford, GA

As inventory kept expanding and partnerships were growing with other manufacturers, we decided to move our outlet from the Suwanee location to a larger location in Buford. This space allowed us to better serve our customers and make the cash and carry process much easier.

Flooring showroom | Flooring Attic
Coretec the original | Flooring Attic
Anderson Tuftex | Flooring Attic
Daltile | Flooring Attic
Armstrong flooring | Flooring Attic
Karastan | Flooring Attic
Shaw floors | Flooring Attic
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